Elegant Cat Grooming Service

Is your cat’s hair more matted than it needs to be? Have you noticed their nails scraping along your precious wooden floor? Is it beginning to stink a little more than normal? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then it sounds like you and your cat could benefit from an elegant cat grooming service from Cori's Creative Grooming.

Cori's Creative Grooming has a wealth of experience in every aspect of cat grooming treatments. Our attention to detail combined with our individualized approach towards all the cats we cater to means that our team of pet care professionals will always design a plan that best meets your cat’s needs rather than the other way around. For us, cat grooming is much more than a job, and it is this commitment to excellence that separates us from others in this field. So, if you want the best for your furry feline friend make sure to call our pet care center today. We promise, you’ll be glad you got in touch.

It Is True, Cats Are Independent

Almost all cat owners know that these animals are fiercely independent pets. Depending on the age, breed and gender of your cat, it is not uncommon for them to spend hours and days without very much interaction from humans or their furry four-legged friends. As well as being independent, cats are also renowned for being meticulously clean and image-conscious animals. However, despite their best intentions, sometimes self-grooming is not enough to ensure that your cat looks and feels its best. On top of that, cats will generally groom themselves by licking, and while this method is effective, it can also result in them developing hairballs that are both unpleasant and damaging to their health. Avoid both of these problems by choosing Cori's Creative Grooming as your professional pet care business of choice.

Emotional and Mental Benefits of Professional Cat Grooming

As well as the many physical benefits that come with having your cat professionally groomed, there are also a wide range of mental and emotional positives to be gained. Grooming your cat is a great socialization teaching tool for your kitten or cat. We generally try to be as inclusive as possible during our grooming sessions to maximize the emotional ties between you and your feline friend. Like anything in life, there may be some issues to overcome when we first provide a grooming service to your cat. However, as you work with us during this soothing and patient process, you will begin to see your cat connect with you more closely as the process continues. Our skilled team of pet care professionals will show you the perfect stroking techniques to maximize the grooming experience with your cat. We promise that both you and your beloved companion will leave our facility feeling more relaxed and connected than when you first walked through our doors.

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