Animal Nail Care in Miami

For humans, a manicure or pedicure can offer both cosmetic and health benefits. However, for a pet dog, cat or rabbit, their nail health is far more important. That is why if you are a responsible pet owner, it is vital that you invest in regular nail care treatments for your pet. And like all things in life if you are going to go to the effort of investing in this type of treatment for your pet then you should really make sure your choosing the best pet service Miami has to offer.

Cori's Creative Grooming offers a superior animal nail care service from our Miami location. Our years of experience is only matched by our unrivalled commitment to perfection. This is why when you bring your pet to us, you can rest assured knowing that they will receive the best nail care possible. Don’t take chances with inferior pet care companies. Instead, make sure that you call the team you can trust today. We promise, you won’t regret it.

Signs That Your Pet’s Nails Need Trimming

Have you started to notice a click-clack sound following you around in and outside your home? Have you detected an increasing number of scratches or marks on your wooden floors? Perhaps you have even noticed a nick or two on your forearm or hand after playing with your feline or furry friend? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then it sounds like it is time for your pet to get their nails trimmed. Unfortunately, many pet owners in Miami don’t fully realize the importance of trimming your pet’s nails regularly and this can result in displeasure and discomfort for your pet as well as irritation and damage for you and your home.

Why Regular Nail Care Is Important

The reason why regular animal nail care for your pet is so important is that it can affect both you and them. Failing to have your pet’s nails clipped, trimmed and taken care of correctly could prove extremely costly for the interior of your home. Wooden floors, papered walls or wooden chairs and table legs could all become damaged by a cat, dog or even rabbit with excessively long nails. So, for the maintenance of your own family home, it is crucial that this problem does not get out of hand.

However, as bad as excessively long nails can be for your home, it is much worse for your pet. Failing to cut, trim and treat your pet’s nails can result in injuries ranging from torn nails to arthritis. For dogs this point is particularly true since their nails are curved, so if they grow too long they can dig into sensitive paw pads and cause extreme pain. To avoid inflicting this level of pain on your pet, make sure that their nails are treated regularly.